Maggie is a 5th grade student at Humortown Elementary School. She is very bright, and well liked by her peers. She has been a straight A student throughout elementary school. Maggie is also very high energy, and not classified in any way.

The issue we have with Maggie is she continually talks out of turn, and does not raise her hand to be called on. When other students get called on, she has a tendency to have additional comments like, “But that’s what I was going to say!” or “You should have called on me.” During her younger years, she previously had taken a few minutes to get herself back together, but since the beginning of this school year, it takes Maggie longer and longer to collect herself. Last week, she completely refused to continue her work until lunch. With her classmates become increasingly more aware of her misbehavior, they are beginning to ignore her.
How would you apply the Responsive classroom approach to this situation?