Required Reading:

external image pdf.png creating a responsive classroom.pdf
A question and answer interview with Dr. Elizabeth Bondy on the strategies and results that have occurred in the classroom.
external image pdf.png Library media center responsive classroom.pdf
Bobby Riley, library media specialist at H.O. Wheeler Elementary School, explains how he uses the responsive classroom approach in the library media center to maintain consistency, with rules and ways to stay on track.
external image pdf.png Teacher Collaboration.pdf
This mixed-method study examined characteristics and predictors of teacher collaboration.

external image pdf.png Responsive Classroom Approach.pdf
Includes sample lesson plans

Additional Readings & Sites:

external image pdf.png Culturally Responsive Classrooms for Culturally Diverse Students With and At Risk for Disabilities..pdf
See page 10, and how it includes RC approaches.

external image pdf.png The contribution of the Responsive Classroom.pdf
"This paper reports the results of a quasi-experimental study on the contribution of the Responsive Classroom (RC) Approach to elementary school children's reading and math performance over one-, two-, and three-year periods. All children enrolled in six schools (3 intervention and 3 control schools in a single district) were the participants in the study."

external image pdf.png Promoting Social and Academic Competence in the Classroom.pdf
“This exploratory study examined the contribution of the RC Approach over a two-year period. The RC Approach integrates social and academic learning in order to produce classroom environments that are conducive to learning by integrating social and academic learning. Two questions are addressed. First, how does teachers’ use of RC practices contribute to children’s academic and social growth? Second, how is the relation between teachers’ use of RC practices and children’s academic and social growth moderated by the presence of environmental adversity in the home?”
The Responsive Classroom website.
Link to Educationworld and the RC pages.

Responsive Classroom Activities:
"Find here practical teaching ideas to support K-6 educators as they implement the Responsive Classroom approach. We've included templates, activities, examples, and articles that reinforce the following basic areas of practice. Print, use, and distribute these materials as needed."
"The following was compiled by Mara Fournier, a Grade 5 teacher at Nathaniel H. Wixon, during a graduate class on the Eight Conditions for Student Aspirations provided to teachers in the district by Endicott College and the Global Institute for Student Aspirations. All of these activities, worksheets and readings support the Responsive Classroom Model and their relationship to the Eight Conditions."
The link will take you to a book, 99 Activities and Greetings. If you continue to scroll down, you will see the following live links for addtional activities:

Alphabetical Grid of Activities and Greetings
3 sample activities
3 sample greetings